Friday, February 1, 2008

Tattered 'n Torn

The other day, I was writing an email to a special internet friend and tried to spell the word cappuccino.....well I knew I had spelled it I grabbed "my" dictionary.........I am seeing that I have a problem with what is "mine" - another blog entirely- and looked for the correct spelling.., wasn't in there. Shoot, I just went back now and double checked, and nope, it's not there. Now this little gem of a dictionary is old...........well here, see for yourself. This old friend has seen me through college (twice), many and various writings and just has become my security in the world of's old, well heck I'm no spring chichen. Here is a different view.....see I use this wonderful book. Sadly it's not the only thing that I have in my "tattered 'n torn" pile. I have a pair of jammies that just make my children cringe........truly, I can see it on their faces when I put them on...........but they are the most comfortable jammies I own, and even I know that their days are numbered, but not yet! At some point, though, what was tattered 'n torn, becomes a family heirloom, unfortunately nothing that I have kept so far, has reached this status...........of course I am still alive and that is the starting point for treasured versus tattered in someone else's eyes. Do you have any tatterered 'n torn treasures.........oh come on, I know I can't be the only one.............

Fri, 01st Feb:
Bubble Gum Day

Freedom Day

Hula in the Coola Day

National Wear Red Day (and I am.........of course)

Robinson Crusoe Day

Women's Heart Health Day

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