Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I forgot..........

Today is the pre-school's exchange of Valentines. My grandson has his little cardboard Spiderman valentines, one for each child and one for the teacher and her assistant. He doesn't quite understand what is going on, but he was liking the idea that he would put these into each of his classmates little decorated bags and they in return, and I am thinking he liked that part of it, that he would be getting something in return, would also be getting some little token. We arrive and all of the little girls have sort of little sparkly, or wearing red (Andrew had a red and blue striped shirt on too) and everyone looked festive................and then I noticed. The other young mothers were bringing the teachers and assistants little, candy, wrapped little boxes..........crap, I forgot! I just didn't think of it. You don't like to think that your special little someone will be treated differently because of this lapse of thoughfulness, but it lingers in my mind.........badm huh? My daughter in Wyoming called and did my " I am bad routine" and she listened patiently, and said " Mom, you are ____ (and mentioned my age), you are helping to raise grandchildren, not your own, and if that doesn't make you feel better, these teachers are getting paid by the school." She too is employed by a school district and we talked about how she received some little gifts at Christmas from some of her one-on-one students.........she said it was nice, but she didn't get upset when not all of them presented her with something.........of course she isn't that type of person, she likes presents - who doesn't- oh come on now, we all like a little something once in awhile-, but she doesn't get all excited or giddy when given a goodie. So I am feeling better and a little less like striking myself with a wet noodle...........but still, I wish I had thought of this kindness. BUT, on Monday, I brought the teacher this whole big huge sheet of the neatest stickers I found this week-end, see just a maybe not entering the meeting area, laden down with flowers, candy or little pretty boxes, will be ok this year...................but you better believe next year I will remember!!!!!!!!!

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