Sunday, February 3, 2008

Trying to build a website

Ok, I am just branching out in so many directions that you would think that I was becoming a skinny minny (you know the phrase - stretch yourself thin).......well I am not.....thin that is. I knew that my knowledge of the computer and MOST of it's capabilities were being kept secret from me........and let's face it, I am the type that has that wee bit of fear, that if I punch the wrong key, all of my files will disappear and I will sitting in front of an empty screen. Last night, my son-in-law took some time to help me, I think he was getting nervouse because I was wobbling back and forth between talking to myself and crying like new born baby with colic, and laughing uncontrollably............we were talking about my fear of doing the wrong thing and he said this " When you get something to work for you the way you want it, write it down." Man, I just looked at him, egads, if I KNEW what I had done, I would write it down............but mostly I just stumble fumble around and when something positive happens, I have no silly idea how I made it to that we clearly are on different levels of the obvious. WHEN and I know I will, get this website completed, I will share it with you..........aren't you excited?

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, we are all invited down to the neighbors house........I am thinking the men folk are going and I am going to cuddle up in my room to watch some mini series about can't remember the name of it right now, but it looked good. Work on a fall stitchery and enjoy the peace and quiet.........

Today We'reCelebrating:Feb 03rd 2008
Shrovetide: The three days of fun and festivities leading up to Ash Wednesday and Lent. [...]

I did this wonderful time of fun when I was young............oh man did I !!!! It's a wild and crazy time.....

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