Friday, September 17, 2010

Books and libraries......sweet words to my ears

I love books..........I can't remember when I didn't love them (oh man, here I am back with the "love" word........sorry).   I read anything and everything - hmmmm, well not EVERYTHING, but I read signs in store windows, ads, books, oh magazines, that is another whole blog day, cereal boxes, shoot I like to read.   Now I am trying to broaden my reading.....I like the typical women type books and those mysteries.  I joined a book club last year at the base library, much to my delight I was exposed to quite a few different genres........some I liked and some I felt like I was walking through wet cement to get to the end.........but I persevered and read each and every one of them.No, this isn't our living room, but my daughter and son-in-law (remember I live with them) have wonderful bookshelves and they are FULL to the brim.  To me when I enter a house that has books, well first I feel automatically comfortable and it changes the word house to home (most of the time.)
Today my youngest grandson and I went to the base library, as "we" had run out of books to read.  We have a little routine, when he comes home from school, he reads to me and then I read to him.  He is now at an age where we can get books that can be read over a period of days and sometimes the same type of book, if really, really interesting and he is needing more quiet time, can be read all at once (not that Dr. Seuss and Bernstein Bears aren't wonderful, but you have to remember, he is my fifth grandchild.....been there, done that).   Now I am not the hippest granny, no IPod, laptop, etc. I have listened to books on recordings the car..........sigh...........driving home in WY and became so engrossed in the story, when I truly realized where I was (highway driving), it was at an exit waaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond the one to my no more listening in the car.   Anyways, the librarian was returning from her lunch and she had a set of earphones on and I asked her if she had been listening to book...........she had.........and little did I know it, but the library have them!!!!!!   So I came home with two different types, one is a set of cd's that I can listen too from my computer while I am crafting or working and the other is the little box type thing that you put your own ear phones in.............will let you know how I like them.
This is a picture of my very first library......Pepperell, MA.  It's still in use and I truly have memories of going there with my mother.  I was in total many books.  My mother always said " If you have a public library, you will never be lonely.  Open up a book and you have an instant friend."   I have found some wonderful friends among many librarians also..........books, libraries......sweet words to my ears.
Hope you have chuckle today........if not, just a smile of grin.........

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