Monday, April 16, 2012

Another burst of color

Definition of AZALEA

: any of a subgenus (Azalea) of rhododendrons with funnel-shaped corollas and usually deciduous leaves including many species and hybrid forms cultivated as ornamentals

This is my first experience with Azaleas.........I am in love.  I love the colors, pink, white and various shades of red.   We have only one bush in this rental house and I could just sit out back and snap each individual flower all day long..............


....Any yellow that you see, isn't from the's the tree pollen.  The pollen is everywhere.....if you don't dust lawn furniture everyday, well yellow tush is a common sight around here

I will admit, I just wander our neighborhood with my camera and snap everyone's flowers........I never go into anyone's yard, but I lean from the sidewalk as far as I can, if I see something beautiful....

If you are able to visit in the southern part of our great county any time in the early spring....please do so, the flowers alone will make you smile....yes, pollen and all.

I hope you all have flowers in your day today, along with a smile .

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