Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I am trying to art journal.  I should just stop there, put the period down and stop typing.  I love art, I love color, I love words, I love photos, I love stamps, I love paints, watercolors, markers, gel pens (though I am having a hard time finding a good and yet affordable gel pens), oh, i love chalks.  I mentioned stamps, I do love stamps.......I like the funky type of stamps  but being on a budget I have to watch for sales.........which is fine.   Oh see, things haven't changed, I am rambling still.

I am searching out any and all types of u-tubes, videos, books and information on techniques - any type of helpful techniques to improve my art hear from all of the "big" names, that there are no mistakes........just experiments that went a different way.........hmmmmmm, trust me, I have totally strayed from the path - in fact I have gotten lost......and just have sat here, looking.  Looking at not seeing what I want.  Then at times, I will look at a page and see one thing that says "hey, this is kinda cool." I guess it is a time of experimenting.

I hope to improve, I am in hopes that I will be able to journal share openly and to learn all types of lettering.......fancy, silly, script........which will mean practising huh? 

Have a good day and if you find me again and know of some helpful blogs, please share....please.  I hope you smile today, giggle and share that smile or giggle with someone...........

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