Thursday, May 22, 2008

House Mouse

Being a house mouse in the first grade is the most wonderful thing. It is the sound of the cork popping on a most expensive champagne
it is like the cherry on the top of your most favorite ice cream sundae, it's like having your birthday and Christmas all rolled into one day (hmmmm, having a child who has birthday two days after Christmas, that probably isn't the best analogy to use, huh?). House mouse gets to be the line leader, gets to be the weather person for the day, holds the flag, helps pass out and pick up papers for the teacher, and helps the teacher in any way that she or he is being prince or princess for a day.

Now for a Nana, hearing the following was even was like being told that I had won the lottery, not only for myself, but for all of my family and close friends (which honestly would take sooooooooooo much pressure off of me........trying to decide how much to share with each family member and close friends) is how the conversation went yesterday.

" I hope Tommy gets to be house mouse today" said Daniel.

"You hope Tommy gets to be house mouse, instead of you?" Nana replied with a question in her voice.

"Yes Nana, I think Tommy was sad yesterday and that would make him happy."

Oh man, I felt like this, I felt like these wonderful bubbles floating up into the sky............

what a wonderful little boy to have such caring feelings for his if that doesn't make you want to cry and smile at the same time, well write to me and tell me.........but for me, it was one of the best moments I will hold close forever.

Now to get the technical stuff out of the way......the mouse drawings were "borrowed" from this site

Now here is another share.........I am thinking that I am going to take my computer to the computer store and have it worked, I am not happy about it........and if they can't promise to have it back by this week-end, then I will think twice about the kids are going to go camping and I could spend some serious time on the computer with them if I post tomorrow, you know I couldn't get it back this week-end and have postponed the inevitable until next post...........then I was given a promise and let's hope for their sake that they can keep it.................

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