Monday, February 2, 2009

I like this quote

This is a sweet valentine's day image......and it isn't red. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE red...I do. A change in color once in awhile is nice too, don't you think?

You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.
— George Burns
And who better to quote from, than George Burns......I really do not feel like 60 most of the time......goodness, anyone who would actually put it right out there in black and white 60.......well what can you say. In my mind, I am still young............(and trust me, I know it is just in my mine.........shoot to many darn mirrors in the world for that fact to be hidden!) I "try" to make a conscious effort to learn new things.........tho' I am finding that some things are taking me longer to grasp........or in some instances I know that the person teaching me doesn't have much patience too. I sure am open to trying new things.......shoot, if it hadn't been so blasted hot and lack of rain this summer, I was wanting to try tubing down the river. Ok, so that doesn't seem like a big deal.......

Now these are actual photos of people tubing the Guadalupe River.......lots of young if I am out in the sun for more than 15 minutes I am either so sunburn that I blister or I dehydrate so quickly that I start talking deliriously (now that one is a judgement call, as I think my children think I talk that way most of the time!) All of that aside, I truly did want to try it once, I could have covered myself with long sleeve and some type of light cotton pants, and if you keep the water pushed on me, I 'll drink it..........but alas, it didn't happen.

The other day, my daughter treated me to was good.........and a group of ladies who had reached the age of deciding which supplemental health coverage they should be considering to match up with Media-care, were lunching too. I looked over at her and said " I don't look as old as they do, do I." Now did you notice, I didn't put a question mark at the end of that group of words. Well I am thinking that I shouldn't have even uttered that group of words...........because she looked at me and I could tell she was embarrassed.........I don't know if she was embarrassed that I was so lost in la-la land that I didn't understand what I was saying, OR was she deciding to tell the truth or fib............she didn't say anything, she didn't have to, her face said it all. Man, what a bummer. Now I do admit, that I have never been one of those ladies that have gone for the creaming at night and more creams on the face during the day.......I just wasn't into that sort of I guess I should have been, huh?

I am REALLY trying to keep myself from being one of those people who say "In my day......." like who cares. Oh the grandchildren like to hear stories about when I was little, but I am finding more and more that my own children talk around me, over me, in front of me, but not really to or with me............I don't like that. Oh I have mentioned it quite a few times (but see once you repeat something more than twice, well they get you for not remembering) I might as well be a nun that took a vow of silence sometimes. It's funny, because I do have acquaintances that are younger than me and they like being with me...............sigh...........

I guess doing this aging thing takes some practise.........sadly, you only get one chance at it. I don't know why I am so philosophical today.........maybe I saw that quote and it hit a nerve or pinched a sore spot.........maybe I looked into more mirrors today than I should have..........who knows..........please just allow me to keep my sense of humor and my dignity during this adventure........add some love, good friends and of course my family and I know I will enjoy the trip..........

Smile - your smile may be the only bright spot in some one's day.


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello~ I've just strolled over from Miss Laura's. She was one of the winners of my Parisian give-away. The Eiffel tower lamp. I loved it sooo much I went on the hunt for my own. Unfortunately the store where I made the original purchase was no longer available. I just happened to be shopping in Target and I found a black Eiffel Tower base. I'm going to create my own shade like I did for Laura.
I know what you mean about the age thing...since I just added another number to the tally on Feb1st. I'm still trying to figure out this blogging world. Another free site you might try that offers a large selection of photo editing and printing is Photoscape.
Sweet Wishes,

PEA said...

Ahhh...getting older...yup it sucks! lol What I find hardest is feeling so young and yet when I look in the mirror I see an older face. I'm now 51 and it doesn't seem possible but I've decided to just embrace my age and enjoy life as much as I can:-) xoxo

Peggy. said...

I agree getting older can be a bummer. My kids are starting to do the talking around me thing and I really don't like it either. I don't feel my age but seeing it on paper makes me take a step back. I'm trying really hard to find out who I'm supposed to be as I get older. Still looking!