Saturday, March 14, 2009

A big thing in a small world

Not the best picture of my little companion, but that's ok. Sometimes as adults, we forget how little things are really big things to our little children. He wanted his picture "wid the cirrrrrrcle awound it."

Yesterday when I went to pick up Andrew from preschool, I arrived early (I always's a standard joke, if I am driving or if you ask me when we have to be somewhere, I always give a e time on the generous side..........) The children were in another room singing, so I stepped in and listened to the sweet sounds......... When they started to sing their "good -bye" song, I moved back to Andrew's room.......out came his classroom, teacher and a little boy and Andrew following. He had this look of despair and total abandonment on his face and he kept saying "no won list-ning to me, no won". By the time he got his backpack and coat, walked out the door and came to me he was in a full blown crying mode. The sweet tears of injustice were flowing and he was saying over and over........."Me was da wine weader." Apparently the other little lad was having some problems with sitting still, so he had to sit with the teacher and of course she still had his little hand in hers when they left the room to walk across the hall............not a big thing...........ahhhhh, but it was taking away my young prince's chance to lead his troops across the long hallway to slay the dragon, to deliver them safely against the perils of the hallway, kissing moms, anxious fathers, smiling Nanas........

After consoling him (to no avail) one of the teacher's came out and said that Andrew could be line leader again next Monday when they return from spring break..........still no reprieve from the was a long drive home. That's ok, I can think back and remember some of the hurt that I witness with my own children and experienced hurts.

Took a good nap and I am thinking......ok, we are healing............yeah, me and my thinking. The minute Daddy walked in the door, he started telling him all about it and started to cry again. So far today, nothing has been mentioned and no tears...........let's keep our fingers crossed.

Have a nice, your smile may be the only sunshine someone has today..........

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HiHo said...

oh my goodness,I know just how you felt! My son has always had a clear understanding of rules...the orders all should live by. When in pre-school a little girl pulled the fire alarm after he had told her not to pull it three times. Fire trucks followed and the concerned phone call to me... to come to school right away. There he was crying telling the firemen he told her not to do it..."why did she do it??" " I told her NO" He sobbed and sobbed. My heart was breaking he took all the blame, tears for days when telling the story. He is now 12 and only faintly remembers that sad, sad, day. He chuckles when he hears the story. I can relive the horror in a heart beat. Hold your son close, they grow up fast...thank god he still wants hugs and kisses. (He will probably never trust a woman again, LOL)