Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I want to be wanton

Ok, at the age of 60 just how much trouble could I get into? Honestly now.....not that much. I truly do want to be free. I want to do some unorthodox things........wear the red lipstick (without being so self-conscious that I am a nervous wreck)......get in the car and just drive....(without the fear of getting lost) this just isn't sound like it's going to happen, does it?

Man, even as a child, if I was told to do something, I did it. Oh I was naughty, sometimes I didn't pick up my toys........egads that whole agenda is a story in itself......will have to remember to share that with you sometime. I stayed out past curfew.......told fibs........I was kid. I was also the kid in the group that the parents wanted their child to hang out with.......why????.......because I was sensible. I was solid. I was responsible. All good things to be............but BORING too.

I think back on all of the girls in high school who were considered, hmmm, how do I say this.......walking over the line or a little to close to the they are just as much loved and respected by their families as I am...........EXCEPT, that they have some good memoirs to write and share..........mine........well they are just plain boring!!!

Of course I can see that I am off to a very slow start............anyone that says " I want to be" instead of just getting up and "doing" is way to practical. Ok, I know that there is a need/slot for practical people too, otherwise who would you compare the "wild and wanton" people with..........sigh.

I once had this discussion with a friend and then said to her " You know what really tops this whole thing off.........all of the woman who have a "juicy and fun past" when the time comes to leave this world, all they have to do is say 'I'm sorry' and they will get into heaven too." She just looked at me like I had overdosed on some type of illegal substance (nope, never did that either).

So maybe the 'I'm sorry' thing is simplified, but when you are sensible, responsible and mature, you just have simple thoughts too.

So I am open for suggestions a mature AARP woman out.............give me some hints.......but don't be to graphic, I would have to look most of the words up in my worn out dictionary...........remember I shared a picture of it when I started blogging...........and then I would have used up valuable 'wanton' time...........oh I just crack myself up!!!!!

Have a good and giggle and if you can, share both with someone.


Obe's said...

I KNEW IT!!!!!
We should have been joined at the hip !!! I am you and you are me!!
The sensible one, the mature one, the boring one !!!
Well I always felt like I was boring because I had no juicy gossip backround anyone could tell about me LOL!!!
I never smokes never drank never did drugs( does asperin count??)I was the one everyone could count on and guess what I still am....((Surprise))
So my wonderful sister/friend when you discover how we can be wanton could you let me know... I want to be wanton too I want to do it with abandon.. I want to tiptoe through the tulips without wearing shoes LOL!!
That thought cracks me up....LOL!!

just a little bit shabby said...

Well, guess that sounds like fun but remember that old adage that says that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence or something like that . Have you ever asked some of those wanton women if the regret any thing they did? Maybe they look at you as what they want to be? I'm not trying to be a stick-in-the-mud but sometimes what may seen wild to you could really create a living hell to those who were did it. I think the middle of the road is better. I've done somethings in my lifetime that I'm not too proud of and would I do them again??? Some of them yes but others no, absolutely not. So don't knock yourself for not being wild. Put on the red lipstick even go out and buy yourself a thong but don't think that you've missed out on a lot. Besides our Lord knows when someone is REALLY sorry or not. I think your fine just the way you are!!!!!!!!!!