Thursday, July 30, 2009


The other day, I received on my computer mailbox a message from Real Simple Living magazine. I like that magazine.......we use to get it too.......hmmmmm, guess the subscription ran out. Oh, back to the of the articles was about hammocks. Whoa, flashback.....warm, fuzzy, totally full of sunshine and laughter flashback!!!!! I'll share that later, but here are a few of the hammocks that they shared..........hold on to your pocketbooks, debit cards and your children's and your children's childrens piggy bank!!!!! Oooo, the following pictures came from the magazine ad and so are the descriptions.......I didn't write any of them.

For Small Spaces
Think of this polyester-and-steel Foldaway Hammock as a mobile bed in a bag: The body, frame, and foam pillow neatly fit inside an ultra-sleek tote―perfect for those who enjoy sleeping under the stars. To buy: $120,

2. For a Festive Look
The rainbow-striped, stretch-nylon Mayan Hammock will give your backyard a jolt of color. Its extra-wide size (60 inches) ensures head-to-toe comfort. To buy: $70,

For a Classic Look
This hand-woven polyester hammock is large enough for two and features solid-wood spreader bars that help distribute weight and evenly maintain the rope’s resiliency. Mildew- and fade-resistant. To buy: $69.50,

4. For the Car
Water-resistant and easy to assemble, this polyester mesh Kelsyus Hammock features a collapsible steel stand and folds into a compact backpack for easy carrying and storing.To buy: $125,

5. For Sun-drenched Spaces
Constructed of durable Sunbrella acrylic, this quilted hammock is made with quick-drying polyester batting, long lasting polyester rope, and rust-resistant hardware. Mildew- and fade-resistant. To buy: $200,

Ok, that wasn't all of them, but most of them.......if you want to see this and other good articles from the magazine here is the short cut........

Now my sweet memories of hammocks go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back........yeah into the early 50s.......I know, some of you weren't even a twinkle in your daddy's eye yet, but trust me, life was good. Oh, off the soap box and forward with my is how I remember hammocks.

except instead of a dad, it was my Nana and I..........come to think of it, I think she must have been traveling that road of change.......with no chemical help.........but I don't remember any of the mood swings. We would often go out to the hammock, that resided under the huge and gnarly old apple tree that had been hit so many times by lightning and survived quite a few hurricanes, and drift off to a sweet nap. I can remember cuddling up next to her in the hammock and her smell......mostly Ivory soap but once in awhile........and now I just cringe to think of this, Evening in Paris.......

Waking up first and still finding her asleep, I would watch her and honestly it still makes me warm inside. Waking up and finding her watching me, well it gave me a feeling of security and love. I do remember many times swinging back and forth, her arms around me, sometimes nothing was said, other times she would sing to me, still others she would share stories with me and those were the times I treasured the most. Now no memory could be total without some laughter and boy did we have some giggles.........mostly when either or both of us fell out of the silly thing........if you were lucky, you missed the steel frame, if not, well you stopped laughing for a few minutes, but the giggles just popped back up and exploded all over again.......

I hope that if you have any memories of your childhood and maybe a hammock story or two, you will comment and share...........please. For those of you that don't have a hammock memory, well here is one for everyone........

see even fairies have

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LaVon Baker said...

Oh, what delicious memories of your Nana. You are indeed blessed.

I remember Evening in Paris! I think my mother used that in the early 50's when I was a child.