Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm back - finally!!!

Hello. I can't believe that it has been since May since I have posted.....I bet many of those that

put me in their favorites (ok, it's not called favorites in blogging and thank you for those that have put me there and for hopefully those that will) have either deleted me or given up that I would ever return.........shoot, I am just like the common cold.......I will return, just give me time.

Most of you know, but for those that don't, I live with my military children and we were transferred from Randolph AFB, in San Antonio, TX, to Eielson AFB, Fairbanks, AK. Before heading up the looooooong path between TX and AK, I stopped off for two weeks to see my other children and grandchildren. It was wonderful. Sadly tho', the expression about anyone that stays longer than a week starts to stink like dead fish...........or in my family, if they have to change the roll of toilet paper more than twice, they should be leaving. I was just getting back into the groove of being in WY, but I am thinking that my two grown children were ready for me to be tootling along. Tee Hee. I will be sharing with you some snapshots and adventures of those two weeks.....hope you don't mind.

We arrived here safely, after a good and safe drive through MT and Canada. Oh be prepared, I have quite a few photos of landscapes...........I would have had even more, but my daughter........well let me give you an example.

" Oh look, look at that view." I would exclaim.

My daughter would look and smile.

" It sure would make a beautiful picture."

My daughter would look at me and smile.

" We probably won't ever be here again. It sure would be a shame to miss this opportunity." I would hint.

My daughter would look and semi-smile.

"We didn't stop at the last place I pointed out." I gently reminded her. "I would roll down my window and try to take one from the car, but you are going a little to fast to get a good picture."

My daughter would look.

"Ok, maybe the next spot I see, you'll stop for me, huh?"

My daughter finally speaks. "Mother, the last spot you wanted me to stop at, was barely a mile back. IF I stopped at each place that you want me to, well we would get to Alaska in mid-August....I have to report to duty."

I pout........but not one to give up right away.... " Well would you consider just slowing down so I could try leaning out the window?"

My daughter doesn't even look.........she just asked if I had an Tylenol or Excedrin.......I did.........shoot I have learned being around my children either they need it or I do............tee hee.

Like most tourist traveling in the Yukon territory we wanted to see animals........and we did.....but we saw these first and bless my baby girl's heart, she did stop for me.

and then this one too

we didn't see any caribou and my daughter did spot a moose with her calf, but by the time we got to the spot where they were crossing, they were already into the woods and camouflaged.
Like I said, I am back will be posting as much as possible......ooooo, the lilacs were from my daughter's home in WY..aren't they beautiful. They were in full bloom while I was there and I was stopping and sniffing continually. Isn't if funny how certain 'things' remind us something........lilacs remind me of my childhood. My Nana had a HUGE hedge of them along her driveway and I can still remember parking in her driveway and getting out and smelling the perfume of those purple beauties.
Did you smile while I was gone...........I did........lots. I will be sharing some of those smiles with stay tuned.

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