Thursday, June 5, 2008

A new author

I have found a new author. My daughter introduced me to her. Isn't that a silly statement - "I found", like she was lost or something. I am sure that this woman hasn't been lost, let alone waiting for me to appear and "find" her...sigh

The author's name is Charlaine Harris and she writes books about vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, fairies and humans..........hmmmmm, not my usual genre to be sure. When my daughter brought home the first book with her from Iraq (we share books all of the time and would share them with my other daughter in Why-oh-ming, if it didn't cost so much to send things now---------man I am beginning to bore myself with all of this whining about costs) I must have looked at her with the "are you kidding me" look, but I read the first one and was hooked. The heroine of the books is named Sookie Stackhouse---- now if that isn't the most Southern of Southern names. She is really a character (hmm, no pun intended on that) and her thoughts are just full of sarcasm..........good sarcastic humor. Now I have sarcastic thoughts......I do. RARELY do I open my mouth and say the thoughts out loud. No, I keep them inside my head and let them bump and crash into each other like particles in outer space. I would never want my persona to be that of a rude and sarcastic old hag.........just old hag is hard enough to handle. I do have to share with you though, some of my sarcastic remarks are I mean GOOD. I read what Ms. Harris writes and I just silently laugh and smile to myself, enjoying all of her remarks and open sarcasm............I hope someday to gain enough confidence in myself to let a few of my sarcasm escape to freedom. I would write some of them, but to me when you write something and not sitting there in person, so that the other people can either see your expressions or hear your voice, well sometimes it just isn't good. You know what I mean, feelings get hurt or get truly mis-interpreted, so sarcasm shall stay oral for the time being......sigh........but first I have to work on the courage to let it come out..........tee hee.

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LaVon Baker said...

Oh Girl... go ahead... set thyself FREE! I hereby give you permission to be SARCASTIC. Heck, we're 59 years old, for Pete's sake... we've earned the right to be sarcastic... we've seen enough life to know how to be sarcastic. DUH. lol If you worry about hurting people's feelings, you could follow a sarcastic remark with: (srcsm) or (o git off your high horse)
Anyway, love your blog... like I need one more blog to read, but I'm hooked... shocker. (see how easy it is??? weeeeeee!! be free!)
I think you and I would be dangerous together.
Have a blessed day!