Friday, June 13, 2008


Yikes, my dear friend, actually my oldest friend (yea she's older than me and I NEVER EVER let her forget it) and I are going on a vacation in Vermont and Massachusetts. My family is in MA and NH and we are gong to spend a day with them ( I know that doesn't sound like much time and it isn't, but sometimes you just have to grab what you can get and be happy..right?).........any ways, my dearest and older than me friend wanted some info on where my cousin lived and as I was typing away, I panic ed........when my email got wiped out, so did my info on my flights !!!!!!!!!!! Oh if you want to see panic, you should have just seen me fast as my chubby short little legs would pump down those stairs, I was off to make sure that I had printed out my itinerary and flight numbers.........phew.......I have it. I then remembered I was flying on know the people that are now charging you for taking a suitcase...........hello?

Now I do over pack, see I admit it........but I know I am a messy eater.........shoot the "ladies" usually end up with at least one serving of everything ('the ladies' are my ample bosom), so I usually have to change at least twice. Also, it's going to be summer and I don't care how much deodorant you use, how often you shower, how good the air conditioning is in buildings and or cars.........we just do seem to get that summer aroma to us. Now at the lodge in VT we will have a washer and dryer........but once we leave there, we are strictly tourist. Now if I am reading the American Airlines site page correctly, since I booked so far in advance, I won't have to pay for my first that's good. I will be traveling on a limited amount of $$, so not that many trinkets/souvenirs, magnets for the frig (ooooo, I can just see my daughter cringe on that one!!!!) will I be able to purchase. I will have to find something for all of the grandchildren, so that alone could wipe out the vault at any good size bank. Yet what really amazes me though is, charging for taking a suitcase...........who travels without a suitcase? Ok, if you are a college student they do that backpacking across America and Europe with just the backpack thing.......but I am not that good of a packer!!! Now I do love to watch people stuff, jam, cram, ruin other's carry-ons, and do everything but strap their carry-on into a seat.........I mean, hello!!!! Do they think that they are invisible? Have they no shame? What did their mothers teach them? Me, I carry on my old fashion little shoulder bag........I have a change of undies, at least one day's supply of meds, 1 or 2 paperbacks, and that's hopefully I can cram and jam the 5 t-shirts into the carry-on, on the trip home. Back to paying to take a me on this one, I will not fly American again if I can help it.........but of course, I am sure that the other airlines will start following their lead..........sigh...........just makes you mad enough to jump up and start slapping people.......well doesn't it? Like I would ever do that, but I do burn hard and long..........over something like this. Don't you? $25 for a one way charge to get your suitcase to where you are going and then another $25 to get it back home.......egads, you don't get pillows or blankets any more, you have to pay for the stupid bag of trail mix or pretzels, and don't even think about asking for the whole can of cola...........whoa, made that mistake about getting the look of doom..........yikes!
Now through all of this whining and moaning, I do like to fly...........I do. Have been flying since I was 5 years old and have had some very scary things happen and some interesting things I will not stop flying.......but I sure can whine about the service and attitude!!!!!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Funny you posted about this. I was just talking with a friend of mine about this. I think they would have been much better off to just raise the price of the airline tickets. That way the fee was already charged and people wouldn't get so upset.

But with the cost of fuel being so high it's going to cost so much to fly anywhere that no one will fly and they will then allow the suitcases to fly free. Plus to get more customers flying again they will start to offer meals and stuff again.

At least I think so. But who knows.


Mary Ellen said...

I agree fully Joanne.......
Honestly, when I started flying at the ripe ole' age of 5, we got full course meals, pillows, blankets, decks of cards, jr. stew and captain was good in the 50's and 60's!!!! I know those days will never return, but at least a whole bag of pretzels and or cola would be nice!!!!!