Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I believe:
In Love
In Laughter
In the innocence of children
In the goodness of people
That if you have one or two REALLY good friends that you are a lucky person
That one day I will find my soul mate
That one day I will live in house with a real porch that has either a swing or rockers
That Mother Nature provides us with the most wonderful things, be it weather or scenery or beautiful trees, flowers, birds etc..........
That GOD made the ocean just for me, and I love sharing it with everyone else
In fairies
That someday I will be reunited with those that I love
That I will find my niche in the creative world (thinking I may have with my beads)
In Santa Claus
In honesty
In hope
In smiling and sharing smiles
In giving our children a good and solid foundation, so that when they travel on without us, that they have something to hold on to
In accepting myself for who and what I am (this one I am still working on)
In those special moments that maybe only you appreciate, but that will become those memories that will keep us going in bad times
In sunshine and dancing with your shadow
That once I stop typing this list I will think of bazillion more things..............
What made me think of this........this wonderful Christmas card/tag that a special internet friend sent to me, on one side it has this super fantastic image of Santa, stars, sheet music and on the other the word "Believe"...............thank you special know who you are.........I have this tag by my computer and it helps me daily to believe.

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