Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sun or moon, which are you?

Which are you, a morning or a night person? I am and can be both. When I was working outside of the home, I was an early bird, just because I liked getting to the office early early to do the paperwork part of my job.............quiet, no one interrupting me. Plus I truly enjoyed the alone time. Now I am living in a house of two early birds and I mean early..........they are up at the crack of dawn.......oh you thought I meant the grandsons........nope, my daughter and sil. They are up and either at the gym or running the neighborhood..........oh man, I am not into that at all........zilch!!!!

I still like my early mornings to get the household things done and out of the way............but I am finding that I do like working at the computer at night time too, as I don't have to share my lap or space with anyone..............not that I don't like sharing my lap, but I just don't have that much room to type and hold at the same time. I find that I do sleep in and I mean sleep in (sometimes as late as 8 a.m. or maybe even 9 if I am not feeling well) on the week-ends. Now if we have an adventure planned, I am up, but not by that horrible invention called clock radio/buzzer me, I don't like that machine at all.............I think that our bodies should tell us when to rise and ok, I live in a "dream world" , but I know it and make adjustments to and for it. So what am I, well I guess I would lean towards the night part of the time and the other half is a sunshine girl as always I am sitting the fence and not sure which box to mark for the correct answer.........maybe this should question should have those wonderful instructions "mark all that apply"......

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