Friday, March 14, 2008

Some things I want to do...............

Yup, I am occasionally going to share things that I would like to drink a martini. Why? Shoot I don't know, I just want to try one. Oh man, I can see you now, looking at the screen and saying "well big deal, just try one." Hmmmm, you have yet to know me well my dear Watson, or you wouldn't be sitting there and saying those words. There are quite a few reasons, nawww, just a few reasons that I have yet to travel down the road of martini-village (guess margaritas have already claimed 'ville'). !. What if I order one and I don't like it? Now again, I can see some of you just staring at the screen................BUT, for me that would possess another problem........I would have wasted either my $$$$ (and I am on a strict strict budget- you would be surprised on what I manage on) or someone else, and I would feel bad about doing either. 2. Ok, I don't like I have to either drink water or watch everyone else drink, or good gravy this thought just popped into my head........order something else and let this go to waste.............yikes!!!!!!!!! See we have to work on my wild side guys..........

Why do I want to drink a martini, I truly don't it the old fashion romance that was hinted at in the movies of the 40's and 50's? Is it the cool glass with that lone olive or I guess an olive floating around in it? Shoot I don't know.....I just want to try one. My girlfriend is coming this week, my girlfriend that has known me since we were little girls.......we are going to have adventures in San Antonio and Padre maybe during this Thelma and Louise week, I will try one. Here is a site that is all about martinis......... the same site has recipes too .

I have no sound reason for wanting to or why I have not..........I just know that it is on my list of
"some things that I want to do".........and hopefully if I can remember to do this every once in awhile, I will share some more of my hidden "wants"

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