Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pepperell, Massachusetts

T oday will find us in Pepperell, Massachusetts. This is where I spent my first 5 years on this earth. This is where I have such wonderful memories, memories that are deeply embedded in me. I know from being back there (see "back there".........those of us that have left and ventured further west and south, ALWAYS say "back there") quite a few years ago, that things have changed drastically, but all I have to do is close my eyes and I will see and feel the way it use to be...........and I know I will feel that same warmth. The above picture is of the town isn't it just a 'to die for' building? It isn't like anything that you would expect in a small little Massachusetts village (well it use to be a village, now it is just another bedroom community for Boston). I can remember going there with my was cool inside, not cool, like hey dude, cool, but temperature air conditioning, just that coolness from the building itself. I can't ever remember going up the stairs to the second level, but I close my eyes and see my mother ascending those stairs, and thought she was the prettiest mommy ever. I was left at a desk to look at...........oh man now I can't think of the name of the was wooden and had a long stick on the front of it and you placed the photos in the little clip and you placed it up to your eyes and looked at the photos..........oh man, do I feel silly, if you know what I am talking about, please leave a comment so I can see it when I get back, please. It was ok to leave me there........first I was told to stay there at that desk and not leave.........and I didn't..........times have changed, huh? Second, it was a small town then and everyone knew I was George and Mary's little no problem.

This is the covered bridge in is being worked on - I read about it on line, as I was looking for photos to share with you. I sure hope it is done by the time I arrive there........think if I call the mayor he will look into for me.......ok stop laughing. What is it about a covered bridge that brings out that nostalgic feeling in most of us?

While I am there, I want to take photos of my first home, the home that my dear uncle lives now, a photo of my Nana and Da's home and also of my Grampa's home. I don't know why I want these, because I know, none of my kids really care about them............but I do and if I want to blow them up and make a small collage out of them for my bedroom, I just might.........again, memories.

We will leave Pepperell, and drive to the cape late this afternoon, early evening. I am having such a hard time trying to relay to my older friend that you can drive everywhere easily in one day.........but let's face it, Michigan is a whole lot bigger and that is where she lives..........I know that this day will be one that I treasure and remember for a long long time.

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